Port of Tauranga Cruise Ship Schedule 2019

Cruise Tauranga offers day tours from the Port of Tauranga to Rotorua so you can absorb New Zealand's rich culture, see the spectacular Geysers and mud pools, explore The Lord of the Rings movie set in Hobbiton, or travel by jet boat to a wildlife sanctuary. Are you a Cruise ship passenger wanting to customise your own adventure from the Port of Tauranga?
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Cruise Ship Schedule, Port of Tauranga

Vessel Name

Arrival Date

Estimated Time of Arrival

Estimated Time of Departure

    (ETA) (ETD) 
Norwegian Jewel 1-Jan-19 9:03 17:03
Maasdam 3-Jan-19 7:15 18:00
Seabourn Encore 5-Jan-19 7:30 19:06
Sea Princess 5-Jan-19 8:00 19:30
Majestic Princess 7-Jan-19 5:00 17:00
Radiance Of The Seas 9-Jan-19 8:24 20:24
Sun Princess 14-Jan-19 7:00 19:15
Celebrity Solstice 16-Jan-19 8:03 18:03
Caledonian Sky 17-Jan-19 6:03 18:03
Majestic Princess 17-Jan-19 9:45 22:00
Golden Princess 18-Jan-19 6:45 18:30
Celebrity Solstice 19-Jan-19 7:15 18:00
** Azamara Quest 19-Jan-19 17:03 18:03
Seabourn Encore 21-Jan-19 7:12 18:12
Silver Muse 21-Jan-19 8:00 19:15
Norwegian Jewel 22-Jan-19 7:03 16:03
Radiance Of The Seas 23-Jan-19 6:18 18:18
Seabourn Encore 23-Jan-19 7:12 18:12
Azamara Quest 24-Jan-19 9:03 18:03
Radiance Of The Seas 26-Jan-19 6:15 18:15
Ovation of the Seas 28-Jan-19 7:03 18:03
Regatta 28-Jan-19 7:03 17:03
Majestic Princess 29-Jan-19 8:30 20:45
Sea Princess 29-Jan-19 9:00 21:15
Carnival Spirit 3-Feb-19 7:15 15:00
Norwegian Jewel 8-Feb-19 8:13 19:03
** Albatros 8-Feb-19 18:15 19:15
Ovation of the Seas 9-Feb-19 6:00 17:00
Majestic Princess 10-Feb-19 7:45 19:45
Noordam 10-Feb-19 8:33 18:00
Radiance Of The Seas 11-Feb-19 6:18 18:18
Celebrity Solstice 11-Feb-19 7:15 19:00
** Europa 12-Feb-19 7:15 8:00
Noordam 12-Feb-19 7:15 17:03
Celebrity Solstice 13-Feb-19 8:03 18:03
Regatta 14-Feb-19 7:46 17:46
Le Laperouse 15-Feb-19 7:15 18:00
Radiance Of The Seas 15-Feb-19 8:06 18:21
Silver Muse 16-Feb-19 11:15 22:00
Caledonian Sky 17-Feb-19 6:15 19:00
Columbus 17-Feb-19 6:45 17:30
Regatta 17-Feb-19 7:15 16:00
Ovation of the Seas 19-Feb-19 8:00 19:45
Golden Princess 20-Feb-19 9:00 20:45
Azamara Quest 20-Feb-19 9:03 18:03
Queen Victoria 22-Feb-19 7:03 20:21
Azamara Quest 23-Feb-19 6:45 17:30
Amsterdam 27-Feb-19 7:03 18:03
Majestic Princess 1-Mar-19 4:00 16:00
Golden Princess 2-Mar-19 6:30 18:15
Majestic Princess 3-Mar-19 7:30 19:15
Costa Luminosa 4-Mar-19 6:15 17:30
Sea Princess 5-Mar-19 9:00 20:45
** Amadea 7-Mar-19 16:15 18:00
Europa 2 9-Mar-19 7:03 18:00
Noordam 9-Mar-19 9:03 18:00
Seabourn Encore 10-Mar-19 6:54 17:54
Radiance Of The Seas 10-Mar-19 7:48 17:48
Noordam 11-Mar-19 7:15 17:15
Seabourn Encore 12-Mar-19 7:30 17:30
Celebrity Solstice 15-Mar-19 8:15 18:03
Ovation of the Seas 16-Mar-19 6:36 16:36
Golden Princess 18-Mar-19 6:45 18:45
Le Laperouse 19-Mar-19 6:15 17:00
** Crystal Symphony 20-Mar-19 11:43 20:03
Majestic Princess 21-Mar-19 8:30 20:30
** Crystal Symphony 25-Mar-19 5:30 0:01
Radiance Of The Seas 28-Mar-19 7:12 18:12
** Celebrity Solstice 30-Mar-19 8:03 18:03
Golden Princess 31-Mar-19 6:00 17:45
Le Laperouse 6-Apr-19 6:15 17:00
Maasdam 13-Apr-19 6:36 17:36
Golden Princess 15-Apr-19 9:00 20:45
Noordam 16-Apr-19 7:03 18:03
Maasdam 6-Oct-19 8:03 18:03
Majestic Princess 8-Oct-19 5:00 17:15
Ruby Princess 16-Oct-19 7:03 18:03
Golden Princess 20-Oct-19 8:06 19:06
Ovation of the Seas 3-Nov-19 7:03 18:03
Celebrity Solstice 6-Nov-19 8:03 18:03


IMPORTANT NOTE: All ETAs and ETDs are advised but can be subject to change

We like to keep all our customers well informed, so if you book a shore tour with Cruise Tauranga we will email you any changes to you tour times.

Rotorua Geyser shore trip

Rotorua Geyser Tour & Te Puia

ADULT NZ$148, CHILD (15 and under) NZ$118
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Rotorua sits in the Taupo Volcanic Zone, one of the largest and most active volcanic zones in the World. The enormous forces of the Pacific tectonic plate being pushed underneath the Australian plate just a few kilometres below your feet creates the magma that provides the energy to these magnificent geysers, Pohutu (the largest in the southern hemisphere), Te Tohu and the Kereru, and boiling bubbling pools. Add some Maori culture, kiwi birds and kiwi fruit, stunning scenery, lakes and beaches and you have a truly remarkable day.

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Hobbits and Geyser, Shore trips to Hobbiton


ADULTS $212, CHILD (under 13) $190, Under 5 $40
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Attention all Lord of the Rings fans - Discover the real Middle-Earth when visiting the Hobbiton Movie Set from the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit film trilogy on the most picturesque private farmland near Matamata in the North Island of New Zealand. The set has been completely rebuilt and can be seen as it appeared in the films. Enjoy a 2 hour tour around Hobbiton as part of your Cruise Ship shore excursion including a complimentary refreshment inside the newly opened Green Dragon Inn.

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Private custom shore tours, Bay of plenty


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You will be met at the end of the Wharf and then head for Lake Rotorua, which sits in the massive caldera of a dormant volcano at the eastern end of the Taupo Volcanic zone. Makoia Island, your destination, sits in the middle of this stunning lake. Here you will travel by jet-boat to the island and enjoy a 1-hour guided tour.

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Private custom shore tours, Bay of plenty


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Includes entry to Te Puia, the Maori concert, a guided tour of Rotorua Museum and of course, Simon for the day. Minimum group size is 4 and maximum is 12. This is the tour for people who want to experience more and really get a good general understanding of New Zealand, its history, its geography and its culture, whilst enjoying spectacular scenery with your own private tour guide, Simon Beaton.

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Private custom shore tours, Bay of plenty

Private Fully Customised Tour

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The Bay of Plenty has it all, beaches, lakes, forests, geysers, boiling pools, bubbling mud, Maori culture, white water rafting, gondola, luge, bungy, amazing scenery, jet boating, Hells Gate, Polynesian Spa, Zip Lining, Wai-o-Tapu, Waimungu, Canopy Tours, mud spas and much more. Ask us to customise a day tour tailored to you and your group.

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