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Quality Assurance

Trip Advisor

Trip Advisor is the largest web based travel platform in the world and become the Google of the travel world. It is where most people planning a holiday will end up in order to make their final decisions. It is therefore with pride that Our parent company Shore Trips and Tours have consistently ranked as one of the most trusted and respected shore excursion companies in New Zealand since we joined them in 2012.

2019 Certificate of Excellence and Hall of Fame Member
2018 Certificate of Excellence and Induction into the Hall of Fame
2017 Certificate of Excellence
2016 Certificate of Excellence
2015 Certificate of Excellence
2014 Certificate of Excellence

Qualmark New Zealand

Qualmark is the New Zealand tourism industry's official quality assurance organisation. This helps travellers by identifying high quality and trust worthy tourism businesses with a rating system of Bronze, Silver and Gold. By choosing a business with a Qualmark rating ensures you will receive a quality travel experience.

Our Qualmark review is completed annually and from this we are proud to hold the Silver Sustainable Tourism Business Award. The Silver Award is evidence of a sophisticated tourism business that consistently exceeds visitor expectations. It has proactive leadership and management ensuring that a culture of high performance is evident throughout the entire business. The business has a real focus on continuously improving their economic, social and environmental performance to ensure the tourism product they deliver is a genuine, constantly improving sustainable experience.

Tourism Industry of Aotearoa (New Zealand)

The Tourism Industry of Aotearoa (TIA) represents all sectors of NZs large and diverse tourism industry. They are the voice of our industry, collectively working alongside government, regional boards and individual businesses to equip them to be successful in the long term.
Our parent company Shore Trips and Tours has been a member of TIA since 2004. We recognized early on and still do that singularly we could not achieve what we wanted to do, and we needed to merge our core values with those of our collective industry. Together we form a powerful alliance from which change and growth occur and we are proud of where weve come and where were heading.

Sustainable Tourism NZ

Sustainable Tourism NZ (STNZ) is a Tourism Industry of Aotearoa (TIA) led initiative commencing in 2017 to see every NZ tourism business committed to sustainability by 2025. Their vision - to lead the World in Sustainable Tourism.
To deliver on this there are ambitious, economic goals set which will share the overwhelming benefits with supportive host communities, contributing to restoring, protecting and enhancing our natural environment, and continuing New Zealand to be a high quality destination of choice for international and domestic travelers.
Our parent company Shore Trips and Tours signed the charter of STNZ in 2018 and is committed to implementing change within our business to achieve the collective goals of the Tourism Sustainability Commitment by 2025.

Tourism Bay of Plenty

Tourism Bay of Plenty (TBOP) is a not-for-profit entity established to promote the Bay of Plenty as a visitor and tourist destination. TBOPs role is to support the Councils aspiration for Tauranga to be an internationally competitive city and as such takes the leading role in sustainable growth.
Our parent company Shore Trips and Tours has supported the goals and aspirations of TBOP since commencing business in the Bay of Plenty in 2002 and each year the partnership grows. We are one of only a few tour operators granted a licence by TBOP each year to sell tours to cruiseship passengers at the Port of Tauranga.

Chambers of Commerce NZ

Their are 30 regional Chamber offices throughout NZ. Each Chambers role is to influence and inspire business and deliver success. As not-for-profit business membership associations, the NZ Chambers of Commerce promote, support and encourage sustainable, profitable business growth. Our parent company Shore Trips and Tours has been a member of the local branch in Tauranga since 2003 and value their credible and knowledgeable stance on all matters relating to business.

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